What are the alternatives?

If you have a business need to upskill people in project management, there are quite a few alternatives:



Time to launch



Hire a consultancy

$5,000 – $10,000
to customize existing materials.
Generally 2-4 months depending on how much customising you want. Pretty variable but you can always ask to see the existing materials so you know what you’re getting. Pretty inconvenient.  You’ll most likely still need a SME and converting what you want into an end product isn’t easy or quick.

External training course – workshop

$1000 – $3000 per person.
per person
Good courses need high quality materials and trainers and these don’t come cheap.
However long it takes to research an appropriate course, book and pay, plus the lead time to the course start. Highly variable and usually heavily dependent on the trainer/facilitator.  Some will just go through slides for two days.  Materials can be very light and not add a lot of value. Easy enough to arrange but you’ll only know how good a course is once someone’s been on it and that can be an expensive experiment.

External training course – online eLearning

Highly variable, ranging from free to several thousand dollars. However long it takes
to research an appropriate course, book and pay. Many are available as soon as you pay but some are not.
Highly variable – and this is a big issue because there is such a heavy reliance on the course materials (because no trainer). Generally very convenient and perhaps too much so – many people who start online courses don’t finish them.

Develop own materials

$15,000 – $20,000
(in salary equivalent)
A two-day course will typically take 3 – 6 months to design and develop, assuming there is ready access to a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Highly variable, depending on the SME and on the author. Highly inconvenient – will tie up valuable resources for quite some time.

Run Your Own

Run your own logo
Free base materials.
As little as $499 for additional materials.  That’s just $49 per person for 10 people trained.  And you can train as many as you like, for as long as you like.
Instant –materials delivered instantly upon payment. Very high (though we say so ourselves).  Download the base materials and see for yourself. Very high.  It really couldn’t be easier and takes much of the stress out of the workshops.