Designed to run as one-day workshop or two half-days, Introduction to Project Management provides a high-level overview of the key concepts, documents, terminology, models and tools of project management.  It is aimed at those who need enough knowledge to be able to converse intelligently about project management issues but don’t need to be project management experts.

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How long is it?

1 day, although you can run it over two half days if you prefer.

Who is it for?

  • For those who want to get some concepts of project management without necessarily wanting to be a project manager.
  • People dealing with projects and project managers who want to be able to understand what on earth they’re talking about and speak the same language.
  • For those who are expected to provide project oversight, such as project sponsors or project owners.


Why do people do it?

  • To be able to hold informed conversations about project management.
  • To understand what project managers deal with.
  • To be able to interpret project documents such as the Work Breakdown Structure and Gantt chart.
  • Because they’re interested in project management and want to know more.
  • To be able to provide project oversight with confidence.


What’s in it?

  • What's a project?
  • The project ‘lifecycle’ and project methodologies
  • Project governance, including project structures, controls, roles and responsibilities
  • Getting the project off to a good start
  • Defining the scope of the project using a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Understanding how to read a Gantt chart and what the critical path really means
  • Approaches to project cost and time estimation
  • Managing risk
  • Planning for quality
  • The language of project management - terminology


What do I get?

Base materials (free)

  • Participant workbook
  • Slide deck

Facilitator guide

  • Each Facilitator Guide has detailed activity descriptions, timings, examples, sample answers to questions, key messages, points to bring out in debriefs, links between topics.  In case you're not that familiar with projects, we even have mini-scripts - what to say throughout the course.  You can say the same things in your own words if you prefer, or just read them out as they are.
  • A 'plan on a page' is provided for the workshop day, showing major topics, key activities and overall timings including suggested breaks, to help you plan your workshop.
  • Detailed timings are given for each major topic.

Case Studies

  • Case studies provide a simulated project for learners to apply their knowledge.
  • Each case study has a detailed description of the project, including stakeholder profiles and financial information.  They run to about 6 or 7 pages of information typically.
  • You also get an Activity Guide, with detailed answers to all of the activities in the workshop.  This typically runs to about 20 pages of information to assist you.
  • Have a look at our case studies here.


What does it cost?
The base materials are free and available for you now. You can download them by adding them to your cart at no cost to you. There is no further commitment and no fee whatsoever. We only ask for your contact details so that we can email them to you.

Optional materials are chargeable as follows:
Facilitator pack $499

Case studies $399 each


While we provide the base materials for free, we do want to protect our IP and so all our materials are locked. However, should you wish to customise your own materials based on ours, we charge a one-off fee of $1,999.   Please contact us to arrange this.