Elements are bite-size learning chunks covering specific project management topics (for instance, Getting Project Approval or Managing Scope Creep).  Each Element is 1-2 hours long, providing learners with a focused, intensive learning burst that doesn’t take them away from their main roles for long.  

Each Element is self-contained and doesn’t rely on completing any other Elements.  Learners can dive in to the topic that most suits their needs at any point in time.  Elements can be applied to very small groups (as few as 2) but can equally be used to run short workshop style sessions with larger groups.

Project Planning Bundle

  • Creating a Project Management Plan
  • Scoping the project 
  • Creating the project schedule 
  • Time and cost estimation
  • Putting a budget together
  • Identifying and assessing risks 
  • The project communications plan 
  • Defining project quality parameters and standards
  • Analyzing and engaging stakeholders in a structured way

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