What do I get with the Project Management Case Study and Answers?
Each case study comes with a full project description (see details below) plus detailed answers to the activities in our training programs.

Why would I need a case study?
When you’re running a training workshop, it’s important to have activities that can be used as learning experiences; otherwise it’s just a lecture.

Many of the activities in our programs ask learners to apply a tool or technique to a project.  For instance, they might be asked to create a project schedule.

If the learners have an actual project that they can use as a basis for the activities, then you don’t need a case study.  (By the way, it’s best if everyone is using the same project, otherwise they can’t work together on the activities.)

But if they don’t, then the case study gives you everything you need to run the activities, including suggested answers.

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Do I need to buy your training materials to use the Project Management Case Studies and Answers?

The case studies and answers can be used as they are or in conjunction with our training materials.

All of our products incorporate training activities that help people to put theory into practice.  You can do this using your own projects or, if you don't have one, you can use our case studies instead.

If you just want the case study and answers, then that's fine too.

What’s in a case study?
Each case study typically includes -

  • a description of the project and its scope
  • organizational information (where relevant)
  • stakeholder profiles
  • cost information
  • resource information
  • risk information
  • quality information 
  • a change scenario

The precise information provided varies from one case study to another, depending on the nature of the project (as it does in real life).

Why would I need Case Study Answers?
As experienced facilitators, we know that when you ask a group of learners to do an activity, it’s a great comfort to know what a good answer looks like!  This is especially true if you don’t have a lot of project experience.

While it’s certainly possible to work out the answers yourself, we’ve taken the trouble to do it for you.  However, you don’t have to use our answers – feel free to formulate your own solutions if you prefer.

What’s in Case Study Answers?
The Case Study Answers suggests answers to program activities, typically covering –

  • Requirements gathering
  • Defining project success
  • The project charter (not just a template, but a completed charter)
  • Project structure
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Stakeholder management plan
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Schedule (Gantt chart)
  • Resource breakdown structure
  • Risk analysis and risk register
  • Budget
  • Quality plan
  • Communications plan
  • Change request

Once again, the precise information provided varies from one case study to another, depending on the nature of the project (as it does in real life).

Each Case Study Answers runs to about 20 pages of information, so they’re quite detailed.

What case study topics are available?

  • Building a new team - In a rapidly growing software business, you've been tasked with creating a centre of excellence for innovation.  To do that, you'll need to put the right team together, with its own office space, appropriate tools and resources, and with the support of key stakeholders.
  • Landscaping a garden - You're a project manager working for a garden landscaping firm that has growth ambitions.  You've just been give a key project for a tricky customer.  If it's successful, it can be used as a showcase project.  But if not...

Are there more case studies on the way?
There certainly are!  We’re constantly developing new project management case studies to suit our many customers and industries.

If you have a particular request, please let us know at

What does it cost?
Each Project Management Case Study and Answers costs $399.