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No you don’t!  We’ve made the workshop materials very accessible, even providing anecdotes, examples and answers to participants’ questions (you’ll need a Facilitator Guide for these or you could choose an Element instead – see below).

There’s a number of people who could run a workshop:

  • Facilitators/trainers, with or without project management experience.
  • Project Managers, with or without training experience.
  • Anyone who is willing to put time and effort into understanding the materials and work with the participants to make it effective.  In this case, it’s probably best if you have good practical workplace experience.

You can even get a group of learners to lead themselves – we’d recommend Elements of Project Management for this approach (1-2 hours of learning on specific topics in project management).

Here’s our Product Selector, based on who’s running the course and what your objective is.

If you want to run workshops (usually minimum half day with a facilitator) then we have three products at increasing levels of content depth:

Introduction to Project Management

Foundations of Project Management

Practitioner in Project Management (coming soon)

If you want to run short learning segments of between one and two hours, that can be facilitated, leader-led or learner-led, then we have Elements of Project Management.

To help you make a decision as to which is best for you, have a look at our Product Selector.

Naturally that depends on your circumstances.  We provide a highly cost-effective solution which is also high quality and ready now.  However, that’s not what everyone needs.  In particular, where you wish to have materials that are highly customized for your organisation, or where our content doesn’t match your requirements, then other options may be more effective.

Have a look at the comparison with other approaches, which we hope will help you to decide what solution is best for you.

If you’d like to discuss it in person, please send a request through to Contact with a contact number for us to call you on.

Compared to developing materials yourself or getting someone else to develop them, our products are exceptionally good value.  (Remember the workbooks and slides for Introduction to Project Management and Foundations of Project Management are free – you have nothing to lose by downloading them and seeing for yourself.  Go to the Product Guides to do that.)

Compared to sending someone on a training course, we’re still cheaper!  

And if you’d like an idea of how we compare to other solutions, have a look at our comparison table.

For sure!  We’re proud of them and happy to show them off.  You can download the free base materials (workbooks and slides) for the products below.  You can also see preview images of the Facilitator Guides that go with them.

Introduction t0 Project Management (1-day workshop)

Foundations of Project Management (2-day workshop)

You can see preview images of our Elements products and our Case Studies using the links below:

Elements of Project Management (Elements are 1-2 hour learning chunks on specific topics. We provide one for free so that you can see what they’re like.)

Case Studies

Once you’ve ordered (and once payment has been received, where that’s applicable), your materials will be delivered to your nominated email account within 24 hours.

We’d be very disappointed if that were the case.  If you’re not completely happy, please let us know why at Contact – we’d like to have an opportunity to fix the problem.

If we can’t do that, then we’d ask that you dispose of any materials you don’t want to use.  If you’ve paid for them, we’ll refund what you’ve paid once you’ve disposed of the materials.

This depends on your comfort level and your facilities.  

For a workshop (Introduction to Project Management, Foundations of Project Management or Practitioner of Project Management), we’d recommend anything from three to 20.  Fewer than three makes the activities difficult to run.  More than 20 could cause the day to overrun (more people = more discussion = more time).

Elements of Project Management are designed for individual and smaller groups so we’d say between one and 10 although there’s nothing stopping you from having more (as with workshops, you might need to extend the suggested running time if there’s a bigger group).

As many times as you like, for as long as you like, for as many people as you like.  Once you have the materials (free or paid) they’re yours to enjoy.  We only ask that you don’t use them for commercial gain, don’t give them to anyone else (but they can always get them from our website anyway) and don’t otherwise break our License Agreement.  (This exists to protect our intellectual property, not to stop you from getting great value from our materials).  

Yes, you can but you’ll have to pay for that.  Our only real product is our intellectual property so if you want editable materials, we have to charge you for them.  Details of fees are in the Product Guide.

Yes, we can do that.  Please contact us for more information and a quote at Contact.

Yes, we can do that. Branding can mean different things to different people – from the simple application of a logo (easy and cheap) to wholesale colour and style branding (a little harder and more expensive).

Please contact us for more information and a quote at Contact.