Elements of Project Management


Elements are bite-size learning chunks covering specific project management topics (for instance, Getting Project Approval or Managing Scope Creep).  Each Element is 1-2 hours long, providing learners with a focused, intensive learning burst that doesn’t take them away from their main roles for long.  

Each Element is self-contained and doesn’t rely on completing any other Elements. Learners can dive in to the topic that most suits their needs at any point in time. Elements can be used by individuals or groups from as few as 2 to as many as 20 or more.


Find our Elements grouped in the following bundles

What’s an Element?
An Element is a short, sharp learning session (typically 1-2 hours) focused on a specific topic in project management and designed for individuals and groups to use.

Each Element is self-contained – we don’t assume you have done any other Elements, so they can be used in any order.  That said, we do provide a roadmap which provides a suggested order in which they can be run should you choose to buy a bundle of Elements. 

Why do people do it?
To understand a specific topic in project management in a very short time.  Elements provide targeted and energy-efficient learning. 

Who is it for?
Anyone who wants to fill a gap in their project management knowledge, enhance their understanding of a particular topic or gradually build up their knowledge of project management, topic by topic.

How is an Element different to the workshop products?
Our workshop products (Introduction to Project Management, Foundations of Project Management) are designed to bring the learner on a journey, from the beginning of a project to its completion.  Each topic flows on to the next using a case study to help the learner apply their knowledge and tie everything together.  Learners are expected to complete all of the workshop content to gain the full benefit of the program.

Workshop products also assume that there is a group of learners (albeit it can be a small group).  Activities are included to keep a group engaged through a series of topics in a workshop setting for a minimum of half a day.

Elements are topic-specific and assume that each Element will be used in and of itself.  Links to other Elements are provided but not required in order to use the Element. This gives you the flexibility to pick and choose those topics you’re most interested in while also being able to see the connections between one topic and another.  You can use real projects or one of our case studies (see ‘Do I need anything else?” below) to help the learners apply their knowledge and tie topics together.

Elements can be used by individuals or groups of any size and, because they are short, sharp bursts of learning (1-2 hours), do not need the same level of activities.

What’s in it?
We have an extensive list of Elements topics.  See the full list in this bundle above.  If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover that isn’t on the list, get in touch and we’ll do our best to create it.

What do I get?
Each Element contains:

  • Participant learning materials
  • A slide deck, augmenting the participant materials and used for group learning
  • A detailed session plan, for group and individual learning, providing clear instructions on how to run the session as well as a breakdown of timings for the whole session.  The session plan is a short facilitator guide that includes detailed activity descriptions, timings, examples, key messages, points to bring out in debriefs, links between topics.  In case you’re not that familiar with projects, we even have mini-scripts – what to say throughout the course.  You can say the same things in your own words if you prefer, or just read them out as they are.

All of our products emphasise the application of learning through workshop activities.  We recommend using either a real workplace project or one of our case studies to help in running these activities.

What does it cost?
We want to provide you with the flexibility to pick and choose as few or as many Elements as suit you.  We’ve made the cost of buying an Element incredibly good value for money at $99.

We’ve also bundled Elements together at a 25% discounted price to give you even better value:

Project Initiation Bundle $599

Project Planning Bundle $749

Project Implementation Bundle $749

Project Finalisation Bundle $299


Do I need anything else?

Each Element has application activities to help participants implement what they’ve learned.  In some cases, they’ll be asked to apply a tool or concept to a project.  If they have a real project they can use, then that may work well.

If they don’t, then we recommend using one of our case studies, which have all the information they need to run the activities.  You also get an Activity Guide, which gives you detailed sample answers to each of the activities.

Case studies are $399 each.  A single case study includes all of the information required to run any of the Elements so you only ever have to by one (of course, you’re welcome to buy more than one if that suits your needs). 

Who can run an Element learning session?
Because of the way Elements are designed, they can be used by an individual to learn about a specific topic or by groups.  The individual can simply follow the session plan and use the participant materials.

If it’s a group, a session plan is provided that tells whoever’s leading the session what to do.  Because of this and the short nature of an Element, a group session can be run by anyone who is willing to study the session plans and materials. No specialist knowledge is required, nor are facilitation skills necessary.