Why we exist

We believe that people who manage projects or who are involved in projects should have access to high quality training at a reasonable cost.

Why? Because so many people are tasked with running projects without being given the proper knowledge and tools to do so, at least partly because they can be very expensive.

We think that’s setting the project manager and team up to fail.

Run Your Own Training was founded to promote high-quality learning in the field of project management.

Armed with some help and advice, as well as a practical project toolkit, many project managers that would otherwise fail can be a success.

Who writes the materials?

Some project management courses are designed and written by Learning & Development professionals with little or no project experience.  Others are written by Project Managers with no learning experience!  While all will do their best, neither solution is very effective.

Our products are written by Project Managers with international, cross-industry experience combined with at least 10 years experience of designing and facilitating project management workshops.  

We believe our materials are better than most consultancies will produce, at a fraction of the cost and available to you today.

Introduction to Project Management Notes

Why Run Your Own Training?

One reason why training is not provided is cost. It’s expensive to send people on training courses and often the results are poor anyway. Providing in-house, customised training can be a lot more effective but is also very expensive, putting it outside the reach of many.

Another reason is time. Developing quality materials that can be used to run in-house workshops can take months of work and tie up internal resources.

We’ve created our workshop products as a viable alternative. You get everything you need to run a workshop for as few or as many people as you want and for as many times as you want.

Some people don’t want a full-blown workshop – they want short, targeted learning on a specific topic. To get that learning in a workshop is very inefficient and costly.

We’ve created Elements of Project Management to cater for this need. Each Element covers a specific learning topic and can be used by individuals and groups. An Element is 1-2 hours of focused learning, designed to fill a knowledge gap or enhance best-practice project management.